paul Stockton's

Cycling Adventures

Montarra Lighthouse
California Coast 1995
Leo at tunnel
Oregon Coast 1996
Descending from Ooty
India 1997
Leo at Tongariro
New Zealand 1997
Leo crossing the border
Eastern Townships of Quebec 1998
Ray on Waterfront Trail
Around Lake Ontario 2000
Joshua taking a break
Northern California Coast 2001
Bike repair stand
Alps 2003
Ursula at home
Ontario Cottage Country 2005
On the Route Verte
Gaspe Peninsula 2006
North Bay Bound
Georgian Bay 2007
Ursula greeting me
Trent-Severn Waterway 2008
On the bike path
Toronto to Montreal 2009
Mile 0
Across Canada 2010
End of the Trail
Le P'tit Train Du Nord 2012
Black History Cairn

Underground Ontario 2012

Southern Ontario 2014
Red Coat Trail Saskatchewan 2015



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